Steve Thompson, Esq

Please note that I make no claim to being able to outshine another attorney, and/or airline pilot-flight engineer in any way whatsoever. It is not in my nature to be a braggart or play-off of self-promotion to acquire business. Also, I do not find it necessary to advertise on this website what I achieved in the past in any business (e.g., law, or otherwise) or what I accomplished in my personal life to get future business. I will openly state that I have had both failures and successes. Here, it is very important to note that there may be others who advertise on the Internet to get business that only tell you about their grandeur, and do not mention any of their failures.

Advertising what I did or did not do in the past does not mean squat in the real world. Particularly, advertising past information about one self’s grandeur may not even be remotely relevant to the current facts in your case; therefore, it may be a very boring read, and a complete waste of time. However, it appears that the Internet is overly saturated “plagued” with people that do not mention any of their failures, and only advertise their success stories, such as: (1) the “past” result of the amount of money won on behalf of a client; (2) education credentials; (3) irrelevant bonafide awards, honors, and recognitions (e.g., they graduated at the top of their class, “note that I did not”); (4) irrelevant achievements; (5) a laundry list of irrelevant employment; and (6) other academic accomplishments. Perhaps this type of advertisement is used to bolster themselves or to out-trump others to compete for business. I will not advertise in this manner.

Specifically note, in an effort to lure your business, where it relates to a website advertisement to represent a party that sustained an injury due to an airplane crash, beware: (1) there “may” be picture(s) taken of a person in an airliner cockpit that does not hold valid confirmable Federal Aviation Administration, FAA-issued pilot certificates to operate as flight deck crew on any FAR Part 121 Scheduled Airliner (which is the highest-level air carrier certification), and (2) the person may not have been employed (or retired) as flight deck crew by a FAR Part 121 Scheduled Airline company. Be very cautious here, some advertisements “may” create an unjustified expectation that a person holds valid confirmable FAA-issued pilot certificates to operate as flight deck crew on an airliner, when in fact they do not. Perhaps inquire whether the person pictured in the airliner cockpit holds valid confirmable FAA-issued pilot certificates to operate as flight deck crew on a FAR Part 121 Scheduled Airliner before you become a client and rely on their experience level.

Although I do hold valid confirmable FAA-issued certificates (and a few others) to operate as flight deck crew on a FAR Part 121 Scheduled Airliner, and have been employed as flight deck crew by FAR Part 121 Scheduled Airlines, I do not post pictures of myself in an airliner cockpit. It’s not relevant or necessary for me to play-off of self-promotion to advertise in this manner. I’m sure that due to Internet search capabilities, the general public already knows what flight deck crew looks like in an airliner cockpit. However, I did post a few pictures of myself in a business suit on this Website that meets the attorney advertisement rules where applicable.

Most importantly, again in an effort to lure your business, as it relates to others that advertise past award results won on behalf of a client, note that this type of advertisement may create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances. Results in individual cases are based on the unique facts of each case. Another words, it is unlikely that the facts of any past case are the same as any future case; yet, they advertise award amounts that may lure your business for a future case. Therefore, the inclusion of past award results in advertising “may” carry a particularly high risk of being potentially misleading (tread carefully even when true). When applicable, I will not post award amounts. I strongly believe that a client’s privacy is of the utmost importance. Generally, a settlement agreement contains a non-disclosure clause. I’m not sure how a firm justifies divulging a settlement award, especially, when a client consents to the amount of money that a life is worth to them that they lost, and that amount is published to the general public.

Except where I must make specific disclosures about myself to comply with applicable attorney advertising rules, I do my best to avoid any advertisement on this Website that may be construed as a self-promoting humble brag to get business at all costs. I stick to advertising only the required “relevant” facts about myself to earn business because I certainly do not want to create any unjustified expectation in any advertisement whatsoever that may entice you to rely on. Of course, I am more than happy to openly communicate with you (one-on-one) where I will candidly answer relevant questions with complete honesty and transparency. What is important to me, however, is what “we can achieve together today as a team” to meet required goals, not what I did yesterday.